Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Urban Lily Goodie Packages!

Want to create beautiful LOs, projects and more just like our Swanky Gurl Designers??? You can have EVERYTHING right at your fingertips! Urban Swank has created TWO awesome packages for YOU to create with!

This first package is considered "small" but by no means is it small!
Urban Swank Small Package Retails for over $100:
75 Patterned Papers
2 Cardstock Secret Keepers (Heart and Star)
1 Package of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)
Life Book Journal

This second package is HUGE! Urban Swank Large Package Retails for OVER $200!:
175 Patterned Papers
3 Cardstock Secret Keepers (Heart, Star and Butterfly)
1 Cardstock Secret Keeper Layers
1 Package of Secret Keeper Windows
1 Package of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)
1 Package Number It Chipboard Circles
Life Book Journal

Groupon Customers: Select the Groupon choice to pay only for taxes and shipping... include the coupon code in your "Add special instructions to the seller"

These packages are simply amazing and they won't last for long! Get them while you can!

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  1. How do I get a hold of the Groupon deals????

  2. I will let you know, it hasn't been on groupon yet, but hopefully any day!