Friday, April 23, 2010

Blue & Green

Hello, everyone! What is your favorite color? I like blue and green. Two layouts using the favorite color are introduced.
[beautiful world]
papers - Urban Lily
Adhesives – Helmar Adhesives

other - lettering
The main paper of this layout is Breeze of Sugary Collection. In addition, Mini Book B&W of Urban Cut Collection, Linen of Everyday Lily Collection, Stripe of Mooch Collection, and Sugarhigh were used.

The cutout of the design was carried out from the paper. Although it was very fine work, I like it very much:)
The next is also a layout which uses blue and green.
[Heaven's field]

papers,rubon,Seacret Keeper Windows - Urban Lily
Adhesives – Helmar Adhesives
other - lettering,flowers,ribbons

I used Ink of Blink Collection, and Massimo of Blink Collection with this layout. And Secret Keeper Windows is also used.

Since a window frame was fixed, I used Square White Zapdots of Helmar Adhesives in piles.

Fortunately I can make a work using the blue and green of Urban Lily products. And I expect that you will make a work using this product that gives a great inspiration.
Happy Friday!!


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