Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mixing it Up !!

Hello scrappers, it's Aida back again with another Urban Lily project !

Fairly often I hear comments about how hard it is to scrap papers with bold graphic designs and even tougher to combine the different lines for layouts. Yes I have to admit graphic designs may be a challenge initially, but as you use them more and more, you will be able to find common design links that will pull together to make your project appealing. Below are papers from two contrasting UL lines - Happy Everything with it's bold black and strong graphics and Lulliloo which is soft and sweet.

Happy Everything :

Lulliloo :

I love the strength of the bold butterflies because it reminds me of how much my seventeen year old has matured, grown in confidence and become the person she was meant to be. Every parent has hopes for the kids and we all want them to be comfortable in their abilities, to have a sureness of character and fill their potential. At the same time the peachy softness of the Lulliloo says inside she is still the same, sweet person even while her opinions and voice becomes more definite, more certain.

The layout is titled *You*.

The details :

So there you are : the different lines of Urban Lily can be combined to create a layout that tells a great story and one that is eye-catching.

I hope you are enjoying the varied work of the Design Team and that we've shown you how to get the most out of Urban Lily. Now it's time for you to get scrapping and have fun !!


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  1. Thanks very much, Aida!
    I loved your visit and comment!