Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reuse Stamps "Corrugated paper"

Hello, everyone!
Akiko will take charge of Urban Swank Blog today and tomorrow.
I created the layout using the thing used daily.

These are reused as a stamp.

I introduce the layout which uses corrugated paper today.

Smootch - Mooch Collection
Lola - Lulliloo Collection
Apple - Sugary Collection
Lulu - Lulliloo Collection
Alphabet - Urban Cut Collection
Mini Book Bright - Urban Cut Collection
Accents - Urban Cut Collection
Answer It Chipboard
Blackout - Blink Collection
Massimo - Blink Collection
Alphabet - Urban Cut Collection
Accents - Urban Cut Collection
Memory Photocards - Swirl

I am going to introduce the stamp using a packing material and the core of a toilet roll tomorrow.
Thank you for stopping at this blog!!

Akiko Kuroki

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  1. Love it! Did you save the corrugated paper with the paint on it to use later?