Friday, January 22, 2010

Mooch & Secret keeper Chipboard

Hello everyone! The charge of today's Urban Swank Blog is me. I'm Akiko and Japanese Scrapper! Please see my work!!

Paper,ATC cards,rubon,lettering – Urban Lily
Adhesives – Helmar Adhesives

First, it is a 12-inch layout. These are using Mooch Collection. It made Sugarhigh mainly. The stitch is written by hand inside the circle design.

The title is using ATC Cards and the alphabet.

I did the cutout of the spark and piled up on Sugerhigh. The butterfly pasted only the part and feather is floated.

I made the door plate using Secret Keeper Chipboard.

Paper, Secret keeper Chipboard,ATC cards,rubon – Urban Lily
Adhesives – Helmar Adhesives

opened, "please knock"

It is the back side.

If it opens, it can see the character of "Come in."

The goods of wonderful Urban lily can give us an inspiration, and can make a pleasant and interesting work. Please make a great work during this weekend.

Have a good weekend!