Saturday, April 10, 2010

Total Sweetness

One of the things I love best about Urban Lily is the fun colors of the papers. For my projects today, I decided to create some cupcakes playing with the blue and green color combination. I created a card and two cupcakes (using a template).
The cupcakes slide out of their holders and can be opened up to reveal small gifts if you wanted to use them to deliver a present. I actually made them for my shelf in my craft room! I used the super awesome Helmar 450 Quick Dry to put the holders together so I didn't have to sit around waiting to get on with the project!

I chose two toppings for my cupcakes, one that has a simple swirl pattern and one that has a little swirled button top. The blue swirl stands up so well because it is made from the Urban Lily Luna Photo Cards, which is a super wonderful stiff cardstock. The holder was made from Sugary Breeze and can also be seen as the topper for the cupcake below.
And no gift could be complete without a card!

To make the cupcake card, I sewed around the oval on the Luna Photo Cards with my sewing machine and black thread. I then used a folded piece of cardstock Massimo Blink left over from making the green cupcake holder to make the holder for the cupcake on the card. The flower on top of the cupcake was made by cutting out progressively smaller circles from May Ella Petite and cutting down from the edge toward the center. I crinkled the circles and stacked them. The smaller circles are inked and folded so that the flower has alot of dimension. The entire project is mounted on cardstock using Helmar Professional Acid Free glue that is also super sticky and doesn't wrinkle when it dries. I had so much fun making these cupcakes and can't wait to give the card to a friend!

I hope you enjoyed all of these sweet Urban Lily Projects!

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