Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jewelry Showcase

Today I have a home decor item for you that I made for my grandmother. My grandmother collects vintage and reproduction brooches. I wanted her to have a way to display these pieces so that she can enjoy them rather than have them sit in a jewelry box.

To create the showcase, I used Sushi Stripe and Sushi from the Everyday Lily Collection. I purchased a frame from the dollar store and covered the cardboard backing with the Sushi stripe paper using Helmar dry adhesive.

I then covered the wooden frame with the Sushi paper using the Helmar Craft and Hobby PVA glue, carefully cutting around the flowers on the paper so that they would protrude into the open frame space.

Put together, they already make an attractive project

But, I wanted to make a way for my grandma to display her jewelry. So, I knit this pattern to stretch over the top of the patterned paper.

After washing and blocking the knit lace background, I glued it to the striped paper and put it in the frame.

I am not someone who has alot of jewelry but I did find this brooch that I had from when I worked at a retirement community and was required to wear something for special occassions to show how the piece works. Now my grandma has an attractive way to display her beautiful pieces of jewelry.