Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gift in a Can

My best friend's birthday was coming up and I already had a present made for her. I knitted her a turtle, my first ever knitted animal. I'm so excited about it and I wanted it to be presented perfectly. I don't know about you, but I save just about every single can, box, and bag that comes into the house. I'm almost like a little old lady who saves everything that might be useful and when I die, you'll find cabinets shoved full of twist ties from the bread sacks. Ok, it's not that bad...yet! Anyway, I thought it would be wonderful to alter one of the cans I had around for her present. I found an empty cappuccino can that fit the turtle precisely. I trimmed a piece of Urban Lily Mooch Collection Gossip to the size of the can. Then, I applied Helmar Craft and Hobby PVA Glue to the outside of the can using the most perfect tool to spread it around, my finger. I felt like a kid again, it was so much fun playing in the glue. :)

I decided to put a heart from the Urban Cut Accents papers over the gap between the where the ends of the 12 inch long strip of Gossip paper didn't quite make it around. I think it hides the seam really well.

Because it is for a birthday present, I cut the word celebrate out of the Urban Lily Happy Everything Celebrate paper along with some of the gorgeous butterflies on the paper to decorate the sides of the can.

For the lid, I cut circles of paper to fit the lid and then added ribbon around the outside. Because the lid is plastic, I used the super fabulous Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive. It worked like a dream! And, the paper is still flexible so the lid goes on and off easily.I also folded the edge of the ribbon over the top of the can and the Helmar 450 held it securely in place.
My BFF loved her present and the container that it came in!

That's it for today. But, I'll be back soon with more fun Urban Lily projects!

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